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Student senate president tries to prevent disrespectful senators


Associated Student Senate President Elie Katzenson spoke at the last meeting to prevent any problems concerning the internal workings of the Senate from happening.

Katzenson was adamant against the use of electronic devices during the weekly Senate meetings, even if utilized for related Senate work.

“They disrespect the speaker,” she said. “I want this to be my last reminder, ever.”

Conversely, the president said senators have improved when it comes to tardiness, but there are still times when members arrive late and disrupt the meeting.

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The Student Senate Constitution and By-Laws clearly point out the rules concerning lateness.

“Any elected or appointed members of the Student Senate who have arrived after the start of the meeting will receive one unexcused tardy,” the constitution states. “Two unexcused tardies results in review by the Senate.”

No senator has been nominated for review since Katzenson took office. However, if a senator or officer is not fulfilling their job in representing students, the president has the right appoint them for review.

Sept. 28, 2012, the senate voted and decided to attend the Day of Caring, which took place on campus. Only four of the 18 senators attended.

“It was embarrassing and hurtful,” said Katzenson, while bringing up the issue and addressing directly the absent senators. “There is no excuse for it.”

Katzenson acknowledged the multiple demands placed on student senators as they pursue their educational goals. The president has being fostering individual relationships with everyone in the Senate and has held individual meetings to integrate the Senate coordination.

The senate president expressed her will to work at the best level during and outside the senate meetings, she also acknowledged that senators leave 15 or 20 minutes earlier to attend classes or committee meetings.

“[This] doesn’t allow us to be as strong as we could be,” She said.

In the future Katzenson plans to revise the Constitution to forbid senate members from scheduling classes that are in close proximity to the time of the senate. This has caused a problem over the last couple of years.

“I don’t think the proposal will help solve tardiness issues entirely,” said Senate Advisor Amy Collins. “But it can help.”

When asked what could be improved about the weekly Senate meetings, President Katzenson said she would like to hear from the less vocal Senate members. She also would like more fundraising ideas, more recognition in support of other member’s contributions, and more advertising of club events.

“I understand sometimes we have to deal with topics that are not fascinating,” Katzenson said. “But we have to go over them and handle them as best as we can.”

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