Student on roof threatens security, cited with battery


Ryan Joel, Staff Writer

September 27 – 10 a.m.

Campus security received a report regarding the content of an email that was sent to multiple faculty and staff members. The email contained a “warning” advising the college to beware of allowing women to instruct on campus. The email was titled “A Woman Should Learn Quietness and Full Submission to Man.” The sender of the email is not a student. Security has taken note of his name and will be keeping watch for his presence on campus.

October 3 – 9:30 a.m.

Campus security received a report of a suspicious individual around JSB Café. A Human Resource Center staff member first noticed the individual in the morning while JSB staff members were setting up. The member became suspicious when they noticed the man continuously peering through the windows of the café. When security first confronted the individual he said that he was waiting for his friend there and left. After security left, the man continued to pace past JSB and even stopped inside for a beverage. Security arrived again and told him to wait for his friend at the bus stop. Upon hearing this, the man went the opposite direction of the bus stop and headed toward the Leadbetter Beach parking lot. He did not return after the second encounter with security.

October 13 – 7:30 p.m.

A student on the roof of the Physical Education building made violent threats toward a campus security officer after being told to vacate the railed area. After the student made the threat, the security officer called for back up. Upon hearing the call for support the student proceeded to grab the officer by the collar and make even more violent threats toward him. The officer was able to get the student off of him but the perpetrator ran away. The officer then alerted the Santa Barbara Police Department who happened to be patrolling the area. The police were able to stop the student and cited him for battery. The student has been reported to the dean and will have to meet with him next week in regards to his actions.

October 7 – 12:40 p.m.

Campus security reported to Business and Communication Room 228 in regard to the hygiene of a student. The student has been reported on multiple occasions concerning her cleanliness. Security has told the student before that they need to present themselves in a way suitable for a classroom environment but has yet to take care of the problem. Security informed the student of the various services on campus that can potentially help her but continues to refuse any help. The school has yet to find a solution to this ongoing problem as they have not encountered this problem before and the student is in good standing with her classes.