Summer construction projects to include snack shop upgrades

Erick Pirayesh, News Editor

City College is set to begin working on several summer construction projects that will cost more than $650,000.

The projects include a new Pershing Park storage building, resurfacing parking lot 1B at the main campus entrance, English as a Second Language quad site improvements and modernization of the East and West Campus snack shops.

A project to replace the Business and Communications Building air conditioning system was postponed because the $712,000 cost is considered too high.

“The big piece that’s driving this project immediacy is that the [system] is barely surviving, “said Julie Hendricks, director of facilities and campus development. “This is an unacceptable bid number.”

She said the college has been meeting with contractors for the last five months and that all other project costs came in at good prices.

Unlike most recent construction, none of these projects will be financed by the Measure V bond and will instead be endorsed through the college’s general fund.

Hendricks said that none of the construction should interfere with summer classes.