Humanities Building construction 40% complete

Erick Pirayesh, News Editor

Construction progress on the Humanities Building modernization project that began on Sept. 1 last year is only 40 percent complete.

Continuing construction begins this week in the Humanities Building and across campus on waterline systems to improve safety in the event of a fire. Julie Hendricks, director of facilities and campus development said the construction “will not impact classes in any way.”

Joseph Sullivan, vice president of business services, said the college originally hoped to complete the Humanities building project by June 2013.

After multiple delays stemming from violations handed down by the California Coastal Commission, the college is now hoping to complete construction in time for the Spring 2014 semester. Further delays could still occur if the commission does not give timely approval.

The commission has approved construction of the new elevator tower and a restroom addition, along with the renovations that have already been completed. Construction of an overhead structure in the outdoor art yard has not yet been approved due to controversy surrounding the 1993 destruction of five eucalyptus trees.