President Trump’s repeal of DACA is immoral and un-American



The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals acted as a security blanket for undocumented children to feel certain that life as they knew it in America would always stay the same.

On Sept. 5, 2017, President Trump ordered Congress to end this program.

This semester’s Channels Editorial Board disagrees with Donald Trump’s choice to move toward revoking this executive order that protects undocumented children’s rights.

There are hundreds of City College students enrolled in the California DREAM Act who deserve the right to higher education and a spot here on campus just as much as we citizens do.

While these students came here to learn, this is a golden opportunity for members of the community to be the ones learning from them. Through Trump’s unfairness, it is vital that we learn to come together and do what we can to fight back.

The California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office sent out a memo to all colleges reassuring DREAM Act students that the “unwinding” of DACA does not impact a student’s ability to attend our colleges.

City College’s Superintendent President Beebe sent out an open letter to DACA students via a campus-wide email.

As a DACA student, you should know that none of this is of your making. It is not your fault, and you are the innocent one in all of this,” he said in the email.

Beebe says that it should be known that City College:

“Will not allow federal immigration officials on campus absent legal authority;

  • Will not act on behalf of federal agencies to enforce immigration laws or aid in deportation;
  • Does not share student records containing confidential information without written consent, a court order, or other legal mandate; and,
  • Our college security will not participate in any voluntary program of immigration enforcement.”

It is un-American and immoral to take away the rights of children who had no say in coming to this country. At their young age, immigrating here was something out of their control. This was the life they were given and it is not in the government’s place to send them to a country they have never known.

While there are people like Jeff Sessions who believe that DREAMers contribute to “terrible humanitarian consequences” and take jobs from americans, it is safe to say that there is universally no opposition to The Channels’ standpoint on this issue.

There has been an immediate disapproving response from the state of California, Obama, runner-up Hillary Clinton and millions of Americans on social media.

The United States has an incomparable amount of opportunities that other countries lack, so it is important that we do everything we can to support our DREAMers during this disappointing time.