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Rebound: Vaqueros spring teams begin to end their regular seasons

Vaqueros Rebound banner showcases a number of spring sports at SBCC, including beach volleyball, baseball, softball and basketball. Created on Canva by Claire Geriak and Sylvia Stewart.

The “Vaqueros Rebound” keeps the City College community up to date with short recaps of all Vaqueros spring 2024 athletic action. This week, The Channels brings the official spring 2024 rebound, consisting of overall recaps of each athletic team’s statistics and titles from this season.


The Vaqueros baseball team wiped out opponents in the 3C2A Regionals; they travel next week to the 3C2A Super Regionals

Vaqueros baseball has had a showstopping season, with an overall score of 29-12. Last weekend, City College played against Mt. San Jacinto for the 3C2A Regionals, winning two back-to-back games. Left-hand pitcher Jake Villar  pitched a record score of 8-0 and a total of 79 strikeouts at a recent conference game against Allan Hancock College. This is Villar’s second season playing for City College’s baseball team, and he showcased his improvement thoroughly each game. Villar is transferring to the University of California, Santa Barbara in the fall. The Vaqueros baseball team plays again next week for their 3C2A Super Regionals where they play for the higher seed. 


City College’s softball team finished their season with a win for their final conference game against Allan Hancock College, with a conference score of 10-4

The Vaqueros softball team finished their season toward the end of April, completing the season with a season record of 19-15. After their final conference game against Allan Hancock, the team finished with a winning score of 3-0. Outfielder Mia Reveles showcased an incredible season for the team during their game against Oxnard. Reveles received the first point for the team, followed by multiple assists. This is the outfielder’s first year on the Vaqueros softball team, and she has successfully reached the leaderboard by the first inning throughout many games this season. City College’s softball team begins training next fall for their next spring season.


For the first time in City College history, the swimming and diving team win their first state championship

City College’s women’s swimming and diving team currently holds the title in the 3C2A State Championship, which is the first in program history. The team won state titles in both women’s water polo as well as swimming and diving. The team had an incredible season and began competing in the WSC on April 18 when they traveled to Ventura. Erin Otsuki placed 1st place in the 200, 400, and 800 medley relay, as well as the 400 and 800 free relay. The Vaqueros swimming and diving team placed 1st place out of 15 other schools.


Women’s beach volleyball meets qualifications for state championships, they travel to West Valley this weekend

After a skillful season, the women’s beach volleyball team ends with a season score of 16-6. The team isn’t quite done competing yet, as they are currently in the Western State Championships playing head-to-head for the state title. Two pairs have qualified for the championships, these pairs include Ashely Rossi and Olivia Medina, followed by Nevaeh Tillet and Alexis Zevenbergen. Rossi and Medina have had a record season and won the Southern California pairs regional championship. As Medina’s second year comes to an end, she is crowned WSC champion for the second year in a row.  


Men’s volleyball finishes their season competing in the 3C2A State Championships after a 9-9 season score

The men’s volleyball team ended their season with a score of 9-9 and a conference score of 7-5. After a quick season, the men’s volleyball team traveled to Orange Coast to compete in the Western State Conference. Three players represented City College in winning the ALL-WSC honors championship. Andreas Schuetz and Cole Richards earned the championship qualifying for the first team while Cameron Brown qualified for the second. These three players showed improvement all season, progressing as the WSC came around. Schuetz will  transfer to UC Santa Barbara in the fall.


Men’s golf is currently playing for the Western State Championships, recently placing 2nd at Granada Hills

The men’s golf team has been traveling up and down the coast to compete this season, and they finally have made it to the Western State Championships. The team started this competition in early February, and will continue to compete throughout May. The Vaqueros placed 2nd overall for both season and conference results. Jack Blinderman assisted the first team-leading 71 by Vicente Rodriguez. The results from this post-season game qualify the team for the Southern California Regionals, taking place this week.


Men’s tennis team at City College competes in Western State Conference, five players honored

After a tough season for the men’s tennis team, they competed in the Western State Championships starting in early April. The team had a season score of 5-7 and a conference score of 2-5. They finished off the championships on April 26, competing in Ojai for the Southern California regionals. Coach Danny Echt was crowned WSC co-coach of the year. Daniel Truong had a successful season and received the title of  ALL-WSC first team in doubles, along with Ada Guler.


Two vaqueros of the women’s golf team represented City College in the Western State Conference after placing all-WCS second-team

The women’s tennis team had a season score of 3-11 and a conference score of 3-11. Although it was a difficult season for the Vaqueros women’s tennis team, two players were represented in the Western State Championships. Carmen Tzab and Katie Zeilie won first place in the doubles competition. Zeilie had a showstopping season — with partner Tzab gaining first place in almost every doubles match. The team was named to the ALL-WSC second team.

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