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Vaqueros brought the heat to the stadium against Oxnard Condors

Charlotte Wheeler protects the ball against her defender on Friday, Oct, 6 against Oxnard College at La Playa Stadium in Santa Barbara, Calif. After Oxnard scored the first goal, City College responded by scoring three unanswered goals to secure the win.


City College’s women’s soccer team battled the Oxnard College Condors, taking a 3-1 win on Friday, Oct. 6.  

The Vaqueros had their fourth home game of the season against the Condors, celebrating their fifth win at La Playa Stadium.

Under the heat wave crossing through Santa Barbara, the Vaqueros dominated the field with rapid communication and high energy. The Condors took the lead 15 minutes into the first half, with a score of 1-0. 

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Forward Sofia Capelletti took control with 25 minutes left in the first half, driving the ball past the Condors’ goalie. Defenders crowded the ball as Capelletti moved both teams down the field.

“It was just really hard in the heat,” Capelletti said after the big win.

The Condors brought the ball down towards the Vaquero defenders. Receiving the ball, defenders slowly passed it amongst themselves, as time was moving quickly. As the ball made its way around the field, it quickly flew back down towards the Vaquero midfielders.

Defender Aline Wilson received the ball quickly and ran it down the field, inching towards the goal. Without hesitation, midfielder Abby Riggs sprinted down towards the clear opening to acquire the ball.

Wilson made a quick pass to Riggs, leaving a major opening towards the goal. The Condors’ defenders gathered around Riggs, yet she managed to move herself around each opponent. Sprinting, Riggs shot for the goal, missing ever so slightly. 

The Condors’ goalie acquired the ball, scamming the field for the open players. Each Vaquero was determined to defend the opponents. When the ball was thrown in, midfielder Athena Raelynn Bow-Graham sprinted and quickly received the ball from the opponent; running it back towards the goal.

The ball remained with the Vaquero’s offense for the remainder of the first half, tied at 1-1. Eden Lazarus received the ball from forward Lucia Fleck, who created the assist resulting in Lazarus’ first goal of the game. As half time approached, the score was 2-1. 

As the temperature rose to 90 degrees fahrenheit, both teams grew tougher. The Vaqueros began calling out plays, in hopes of spreading the team out across the field. 

Defender Charlotte Wheeler received the ball, eager to find an open player. Capelletti appeared in a blind spot, receiving the ball as the Condors fled to her possession. With twenty minutes left of the game, the crowd became intrigued. 

By faking out her opponents, Capelletti was able to celebrate her second and final goal of the game. The heat continued to rise as the final two minutes were brought to the field.

Capelleti continued to keep the ball in the Condor’s territory. As the opponents fought to acquire the ball, the final thirty seconds came quickly. The final score was 3-1.

“You broke some ankles out there,” Laila Rodrigez said, referring to Capelletti after the final half.

The team gathered together, celebrating their great victory. The crowd was full of support and energy.

“The energy never dropped out there,” Coach Alex Zermeno said to the team after the game.

The Vaqueros were the last to leave the stadium, relieved of how strongly they played.

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