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Vaqueros successful first home game against LA Southwest 86-0

Number 62, kicker Hunter Simmons, celebrates with defensive back Jamari Cannon after Cannon scored his first touchdown of the game on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022 at La Playa Stadium in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The Vaqueros beat LA Southwest at La Playa Stadium in a blowout, scoring 86-0 on Saturday, Sept. 24. 

The City College football team had their first home game of the season playing against the LA Southwest Cougars. 

After the Vaqueros won the coin toss they decided to kick off for the start of the game. Shortly after wide receiver, Damare Ward threw the ball to wide receiver, Chase Wells, for the first touchdown of the game. At the end of the first quarter City College was leading 23-0. 

Within the first 30 seconds of the second quarter, the Vaqueros scored another touchdown, and kicker, Joe Bowman, made his fourth extra point kick making the score 30-0 for the Vaqueros. 

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After recovering a live punt from the Cougars, defensive back Terrance Biser-Coleman ran down the field to the end zone to score a touchdown for City College in the second quarter, making their lead stronger. 

“Honestly, I was really nervous because I actually wasn’t supposed to touch the ball, but after it fumbled around a little bit I just had to pick it up and all of my teammates blocked for me and it was a good touchdown,” Biser-Coleman said. 

The Vaqueros were going into the second half of the game with a lead of 51-0 after scoring four more touchdowns and four more one-point field goals in the second quarter.

At the start of the third quarter, Biser-Coleman scored his second touchdown of the game after receiving the ball from the kickoff at the 72-yard line. 

“My team blocked really well,” Biser-Coleman said. “I actually had a mishap and went the wrong way and I went to the other side and everything was already set up perfectly for me.” 

The players were very communicative with each other and the coaches while the Cougars were scrambling to try to get a play going in their favor.

The third quarter ended with the Vaqueros still leading with a score of 65-0. 

Within the last quarter of the game, there were three more touchdowns and three more one-point field goals. Defensive back, Peyton Churchwell, caught an interception for the Vaqueros. On the second down of the first play, running back Cameron Woolsey scored a touchdown by running the ball from the 65-yard line to the end zone. 

“It felt good, I haven’t been able to play football in two years now so that was my first touchdown after coming back from ACL injuries, so it felt really good,” Woolsey said. 

After the game was finished the Vaqueros won 86-0 with a total of 12 touchdowns and Bowman’s 12 one-point field goals. 

“I have never had 12 for 12 in a game,” Bowman said. 

He also gave praise to his teammates for being a cohesive team.

The head coach of City College’s football team, Craig Moropoulos, was pleased with the win, but also proud of the players for playing hard for all four quarters of the game. 

“Our guys still stayed focused and they still played well, and for four quarters that’s all that a coach could ask for,” Moropoulos said. 

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