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Women’s Basketball plans to run their way through the season

Nate Stephenson
Michaela Berber shoots for three points during a team scrimmage on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018, in the Sports Pavilion at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. The Vaqueros play each other during practice to simulate real games and playing under pressure.

The synergy is already flowing for the City College Women’s Basketball team.

After 15 years of coaching basketball at City College head coach Sandrine Krul says she is having more fun coaching this year than any in the past.

The roster is full of seven sophomores and only four freshman this season, and they are all ready to run and gun.

“Everyone can shoot,” Krul said. The team is ready to feed each other on the three point line and play at a pace no team can guard.

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Half court offense is the secondary option for the team according to Krul, the team is always running the ball.

Recently basketball has evolved into a more fast paced game.

They plan to keep the pace and run off their team chemistry in transition. Contrasted with a new zone defense, and a emphasis on pushing the ball after defensive stops, they plan to out run every other team.

The increased pace in basketball is new to the game, but not new to the team. They have been playing like this for years, and it has resonated with new players easily.

The four freshmen were recruited in order to complement the sophomores, and play with the experience and skill that the team already has.

It was crucial for Krul to find players skilled enough to fit into the well oiled system they already have in place, and have had for Krul’s tenure.

Even though the team has highlight players, the Vaqueros do not play a top 8, they play all 12.

“Everyone has a role”, Coach Krul said.

But with that skill, comes the correct chemistry for the team.

“We are good on and off the court”, sophomore star player and team captain Aaliyah Pauling said. “The entire team is academically strong,” she added.

Over Krul’s legacy, her players have a 97 percent chance of graduation.

Co-captain Jennae Mayberry attributes that success to their team chemistry. “We feed off of each other. We are all friends outside of the court,” she said.

“The team is very welcoming, we already have great energy and chemistry,” freshman player Tatiana Ong said.

The four freshmen have already acclimated to the team, both on a personality and basketball stand point.

The entire team is bursting with excitement for the season and freshman player Hannah Sabin “just can’t wait to play” reflecting the atmosphere within the team even in practices.

The players with experience on the team are keeping the new players in check, and making sure they understand the importance of the season and practicing hard.

“The older players let us know when we are wrong, and keep us an energetic team,” freshman Sierra Cavaletto said.

With excitement bursting at the seams and a hunger to do well, City College Women’s basketball is counting the days till the season starts.

Women’s Basketball plays their first home game on Friday November 2 at 7 p.m. vs Taft College.

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