Anti-Obama flyers found scattered around campus

Gabriel Cabello

Anti-Barack Obama flyers were found posted around campus the morning of Sept. 10, vandalizing Channels newsstands and upsetting many passersby.

The photo-shopped image of President Obama, with makeup resembling Heath Ledger‘s character The Joker in “The Dark Knight” movie, has recently circulated across the nation.

The images posted on campus also displayed the word “fascism” on the bottom.

Some students on campus removed these flyers from where they were posted, such as film studies majors JP Montalvo, William Conlin, and Olle Knutson who recorded footage.

These images were posted on campus the morning after President Obama gave his nationwide speech on health care reform.

Because of damage caused to Channels newsstands through the use of strong adhesives, the postings are considered to be campus vandalism. A Channels staff member notified security Sept. 10, and an incident report was made.