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Keep protests peaceful; don’t weaponize First Amendment

Madeline K. Nathaus, Channels Staff

February 10, 2017

The First Amendment was included in the Constitution by the founding fathers to guarantee citizens of the United States freedom of the press, religion, assembly and petition. It is this amendment that separates America from more th...

President Trump’s muslim ban is unsettling to SBCC student


February 6, 2017

Less than two weeks after the presidential inauguration, President Trump approved an executive order indefinitely barring Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and temporarily prohibiting entrance to citizens from seven predominantly...

Joan Hartmann ready to take over as Isla Vista supervisor


November 9, 2016

As of midnight Tuesday, with 87 percent of the votes in, Joan Hartmann leads Bruce Porter by 2,500 votes in the race for Santa Barbara County Supervisor, 3rd District.  With 61 of the 66 precincts reported, and 23, 739 votes counted, Har...

Society needs to balance privilege with generosity

MICHAEL BUESCH, Channels Staff

March 11, 2016

If someone disabled your phone’s Internet connection, limiting you to browsing a heavily censored version of the content, would you mind? Well, that concludes the state of Internet access in North Korean, where authoritarian government enforces excessive censorship. Would you ...

SBCC political science internship takes students to Sacramento

SOPHIE ZARA, Channels Staff

February 5, 2016

For the fourth consecutive year, City College students have the opportunity to go on a field trip in Sacramento to shadow California legislators, lobbyists, the governor and more. The City College Sacramento Internship program, ...

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