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Rain creates problems for temporary Campus Store

City College Bookstore renovations on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017 on East Campus. The Bookstore was originally supposed to be open by January.

Members of the Campus Store staff have accommodated student’s needs during the beginning of this rainy spring semester while the City College community awaits the reopening of the store.

The Campus Store remains unfinished with renovations still underway. While the construction continues, City College has created a temporary store for students to purchase textbooks and supplies. The temporary store uses ECC 1-3 to store books, but customers have to wait outdoors when shopping.

“We do everything we can to accommodate all students but things are always changing,” said Mariel Zurita, 10-year employee of the campus store.

The campus store worked to make all students comfortable during rainy days when waiting in the line for the store by draping tarps overhead. Zurita said it was their way of “going that extra mile.”

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The store recovered themselves with the tarp resolution after they faced a few hiccups with the rain destroying some textbook pick-up sheets.

Plastic turnstiles were placed directly under the tarps within the first few weeks of school so that students could wait in a more organized fashion while being protected from the weather. The book pick-up center remains as a separate portable for students to avoid waiting in line.

“I think it should have been done so much sooner,” said Cathrine Millar, student employee of the store. “It holds things back, especially book shipments.”

Some employees said that the renovations could be done by mid-February, but others stated that the school could be looking at months until a reopening.

Students may expect to see a much more modern look and employees have rumored a Buzz Shack will be put into place as well. Items are slowly being moved into the store and getting together more finishing touches.

Students have turned to members of the Student Senate in regards of when the store will return back to normal, but the senate does not have any information to come forward with.

Faculty members have voiced their complaints about the overdue construction because the temporary bookstore has taken up many staff parking spaces. Campus Store employees are just as eager as staff and students to find out when the store will reopen.

Zurita stays optimistic to push through the obstacles and told himself that through his 10 years of service he needs to “wake up and remind yourself that today is a new day”.

According to employees, it’s been a “smooth sail” since the beginning of the construction. They have learned how to cope with the situation they were given and make the best of it for the sake of the workers and students.

Clarification: Feb. 2, 2017

The Channels revised this story Monday with updated information.


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