SBCC Student Senate to bring awareness around sexual assault



The Associated Student Government continued making plans for its showing of “Audrie and Daisy” to start the discussion about sexual assault and suicide campus.

The documentary follows the story of two girls in different towns that were both sexually assaulted and tried to kill themselves, one of them did. The senators hope to use this documentary as a chance to team up with the Student Wellness Center and other clubs to have an open panel discussion with students.

Sen. Joshua Villanueva, vice president of internal affairs, is hopeful that the showing and tentative discussion will allow participants the chance to discuss prevention and teach people how to be advocates for victims.

Bryanna Siguenza, student senate vice president of external affairs.
Bryanna Siguenza, student senate vice president of external affairs.

“We want to promote awareness,” Villanueva said. “We want to give a lot of our students in the community a chance to show them they can be an advocate.”

Sen. Bryanna Singueza, vice president of external affairs, expressed her concern about the negative impact this showing could have on victims, further that it might have a triggering effect. She urged Villanueva to use discretion and offer trigger warnings during graphic parts of the film, if any.

Villanueva had similar concerns and was adamant about having counselors present to help students that might feel emotional throughout the film.

Despite these worries, the senate is confident that events such as these are effective in educating the public in the realities of sexual assault and suicide, and can further promote understanding and lessen victim blaming.

“We need to shift the focus from the victim and on to the perpetrator,” Singueza said.

The showing will take place 6 p.m. on Nov. 1 in the Fé Bland Forum, with the potential panel taking place after.