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On-campus police officer to enforce skateboarding bans


City College administration presented plans to implement citations for skateboarding, bicycling and smoking on campus at the Associated Student Senate meeting Friday.

Joseph Sullivan, vice president of business services, presented the next steps necessary in achieving this goal by fall 2015, as well as reasoning behind implementing these citations.

“Especially this semester, there have been a lot of issues with skateboarders,” Sullivan said. “We just had our fourth incident in just five days, involving an elderly gentleman walking with a walker who was hit by a skateboarder.”

Sullivan explained that while recognized as effective transportation getting to and from campus, the number of incidents involving skateboards and bicycles is too high to ignore.

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“I see so many people on campus with skateboards,” said Commissioner of Clubs Josh Villanueva. “It can be a safety issue.”

Students and City College visitors are not the only ones complaining about dangerous riders. Locals have voiced that students heading to and from the school on skateboards and bikes are often out of control.

With the objective to “promote health and ensure safety on campus,” Sullivan said that by enforcing these new rules, recommendations from the Neighborhood Task Force would also be supported.

“The main issue we currently have is that when you get someone who goes out of control on you, you need the police,” Sullivan said. “We have a security group, we don’t have the police here.”

City College will be working with the Santa Barbara Police Department to issue fines to students who ride their bicycles or skateboards on sidewalks inappropriately, or are caught smoking on campus.

“We are going to have a strong education program here on campus to let people know that yes, we will be issuing citations,” Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, the first violation will cost students $25, the second will be $75, with the final going up to $150.

Seven permanent security officers will have to complete the police-training course PC-832, which will enable them to issue these citations. The training schedule for the course has already been set up in preparation.

“We’re also going to put a police substation on campus, hopefully by the fall,” Sullivan said.

The police will be stationed in the Administrative Building on East Campus, with at least one officer on campus during school hours at all times.

“So please don’t ride your skateboard because you will get a citation, and citations are not inexpensive,” Sullivan said. “It’s important to know that they’re there.”

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