Student Senate frustrated with UCSB over lack of collaboration



In an Associated Student Senate meeting today, concerns were voiced about the lack of involvement and cooperation between City College and USBC’s student government surrounding the events of this year’s Deltopia.

Senate President Ellie Katzenson is attempting to set up a meeting with the UCSB Associated Student Government to discuss the issues surrounding the Isla Vista party scene.

“It’s a big deal,” Katzenson said. “We have a significant representation of students out there. For a long time City College really hasn’t been invited to the table at the events and meetings that shape the culture in IV.”

City College has made no official statement about the events during and after Deltopia other than the official safety email sent out the week before.

The senate is interested in attempting to adjust the student culture surrounding drinking in Isla Vista despite only having three members of the senate living in IV.

“Having a school campaign that really goes into not only knowing how to drink and how to be safe in IV, but really creating a new culture out there,” Katzenson said. “I feel like that will be a cornerstone for next years Senate.”

Katzenson mentioned that an official statement is being drafted to address the chaos of Deltopia.