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Student says to care for body and mind, enjoy Santa Barbara

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There is no doubt that Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful––and most expensive––places to live, but unfortunately many students don’t often have the chance to appreciate the beauty of it due to the amount of stress they carry.

We focus so much on stressing about assignments and studying, we forget that there are ways to deal with that stress in this beautiful city without feeling guilty that we aren’t spending our time productively.

It is crucial to remember how important it is to take care of our bodies and minds.

In addition to the load of assignments that students are responsible for, there is studying that must be done and most students have full- or part-time jobs, which results in little time for extra activities. Of course, it all might just depend on where our priorities stand.

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Most midterms are done and finals are just around the corner, and the end of the semester is also making its approach. The dreading thought of finals is already seeping through our minds and there’s no turning back now. We must prepare for the sleepless nights and dreadful exams.

To our advantage, City College is walking distance from Leadbetter Beach. If studying at school is overwhelming, students can walk to the beach and enjoy the warm weather that Santa Barbara has to offer. It can get a bit crowded in the Luria Library, especially during midterms and finals, and there’s no better way to study than hearing waves crashing together in the background.

There are also many students who live in Isla Vista, and to their advantage they have access to Campus Point just off Del Playa, where there is a shoreline where many students can go to read or surf. This is also one of the best places to go watch sunsets and see the sky reflect upon the water.

Besides what Santa Barbara is primarily known for, there is also numerous amounts of shops located downtown. Just a few blocks down from City College, you are able to stroll along on State Street and find many coffee shops to your advantage. They make great places to study at and if studying gets too overwhelming, you can always destress by shopping. It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally.

If things get too hectic and you want to try something new that can help destress your mind for awhile, City College also offers free meditation classes every Monday. Before finals week, City College hosts a “Destress Fest” featuring free massages, kite flying and even arts and crafts to distract your mind for a bit.

It’s unfortunate that students sometimes overlook the beauty that Santa Barbara holds. With so much on their plate it’s not easy to just stop and smell the roses––or in this case the beaches.

But try putting that pen and book down. Close your laptop and put away your phone for a second and look around where you are. You’re in one of the most admirable cities in the United States. Take it all in and enjoy yourself while you’re still here.

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