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Campus Security to add new jobs by January

Campus Security will add two new job titles to relieve its current staff.

The new position offered will be Security Supervisor and the Security Coordinator position will be reorganized from another position in the security office.

“The security department is very busy,” said Joe Sullivan, vice-president of business services. “They’ve taken on a whole project of that we’re doing; we’re implementing all of the new electronic locks across campus.”

Director of Security Erik Fricke is currently in charge of supervising full time staff, scheduling the hourly staff, taking care of student discipline issues and supervises the locks around campus.

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Sullivan said the new positions would relieve Fricke and allow him to focus on his primary tasks.

“[The position] frees him up to do what he needs to do. He has a busy job, and he needs that support,” said Sullivan.

Some of the tasks that the security supervisor position will be in charge of is supervising other full time staff members, assigning student work schedules, and monitoring door schedules and access plans regarding the electronic locks.

Salary numbers for the new positions are currently unknown but will vary depending on experience in the field.

Lorraine Valenzuela who works at campus security with support will apply for the security coordinator job. She currently does clerical support and assists people in the front desk of the office.

If Valenzuela takes the position as security coordinator, she will provide support services related to dispatching calls, electronic door access issues and serve as the primary assistant to the assigned supervisor.

The department currently consists of five full-time officers. There are about 25 part-time students working security that are in charge of traffic control, parking, and distributing citations.

City College hopes to advertise the new security supervisor position by January and have someone fill it by February at the earliest.

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