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SBCC senior director of facilities resigns to pursue new job

Julie Hendricks, senior director of facilities, has resigned from City College to accept another job in Orange County, and there are currently no plans to replace her.

“She’s been an excellent boss to work with,” said Tina Villegas, administrative assistant for the department. “She’s going to be really missed.”

Hendricks, whose last day was Friday, Nov. 18, accepted a position as director of site development for the South Orange County Community College District, according to an email from Communications Director Luz Reyes-Martin. Her position, along with three others, will be left empty.

“What I’ve heard is that Hendricks got an excellent opportunity to work with a $300 million bond at this other district, so it’ll be a really great opportunity for her to be in charge of a project of that size,” said Student Senate President Dylan Raiman.

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Hendricks, who worked at City College since 2002, announced her resignation around Nov. 1. She was unable to be reached for comment because she had back to back meetings with her department and staff to help make a smooth transition during her last few days.

“She’s a very dedicated woman to her job. She [made] sure everything is left so everyone knows what to do,” Villegas said.

During her 14 years at City College, Hendricks was instrumental in overseeing countless projects on campus. Most recently, she oversaw the modernization of the Drama-Music Building, which was completed in September 2014, and was recognized for Outstanding Designs in Interior Renovation in the August issue of the magazine, “American School and University.”

“Her professionalism, her schooling, her background—everything she does she comes and has her heart in it,” Villegas said.

Hendricks also oversaw the modernization of the Humanities Building, which received an Award of Excellence this year. Hendricks has also been named City College’s Employee of the Year.

Oversight of many state funded maintenance projects at City College will be transferred to Project Manager Jay Sullivan after Hendricks’ departure.

Sullivan, who has worked at City College for five years, said during his time here he has seen Hendricks completely turn around construction delivery on campus.

He said Hendricks’ efforts restored confidence in construction delivery and motivated the college to apply for a $4 million bond, which did not get approved.

“Construction is messy and dangerous, especially in crowded environments like school campuses,” Sullivan said. “It is extremely challenging to deliver a construction project to a campus like this. There are hundreds of details to work out.”

Prior to her departure, a placard was mounted on the wall outside Hendricks’ office with a quote from Eric Hoffer, which read, “Any society can be galvanized for a while to build something, but the will and skill to keep things in good repair day in and day out are fairly rare.”

“You don’t really get someone like that who cares that much,” said Joni Nava, senior office assistant for the department. “It really makes a difference. Even now, during her last two days, she is still asking questions.”

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