SBCC students to vote on bus payment increase in October


Giulia De Paoli, Staff Writer

The City College student body will be voting on increasing the price of the bus fee at the end of October.

The Associated Student Senate will undertake a campaign to present the key-facts on the issue before the polls open.

“We will move forward with tabling, speaking to students and class presentations,” said the Student Trustee Levi Palencia.

The current contract with the Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) mandates each student pays $26 for an unlimited bus pass.

The fee will increase gradually–$6 for Fall 2014 and an additional $2.50 in the Summer.

If the referendum doesn’t pass, the bus pass contract will end. This means, the students who usually ride the bus to get to school will need to pay for a monthly bus pass or for each individual ride.

“$31.50 a semester, that’s compared to $50 a month if the referendum fails,” said Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin. “We think keeping the contract is in the best student interest.”

The motion will be approved if more than 50 percent of students vote yes.

“I really hope, as does Dr. Gaskin, that the students vote in favor of this,” said Student Senate President, Elie Katzenson.

The online ballots will open for a week from Monday, October 21.