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SWAT team simulates active shooter scenario at SBCC


Santa Barbara’s Police Special Weapons and Tactics team visited City College Wednesday Feb. 27 in response to mass shootings trending in schools across America. The SWAT team’s main purpose was to prepare the campus if the threat of a shooter presented itself.

Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin was in contact with law enforcement over a two-month period planning for this event.

“I’m not necessarily advocating more security,” said Gaskin.  “I’m advocating more awareness, more preparedness and more ability to think in the moment: What would happen if…?”

Detective Gregory Hons spoke during a presentation in the Sports Pavilion to outline how people should effectively respond to a gunman on campus.

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“All I’m here to do is remind you that [for] three to seven to 10 to 15 minutes, it’s on you to protect your students, yourself and your co-workers,” said Hons.

The presentation included two videos and various techniques on how to respond if a shooter were to enter a classroom or building.

Officers toured the campus to familiarize themselves with the buildings and classroom layouts giving them a tactical advantage if the need were to arise.

The Student Services building was closed off to the public to give the team necessary space for their training simulation.

The monthly simulations help keep the officers alert should any situation in the county require their presence.

“As President of Santa Barbara City College I feel an incredible responsibility that we create a teaching, learning and working environment that feels as secure and as safe as it possibly can be,” said Gaskin.

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