SBCC reacts to Prop 30 victory


Erick Pirayesh, News Editor

With the recent approval of Proposition 30 on the Nov. 6 ballot, the shadow of budget cuts are no longer looming over City College.

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposition to raise an estimated $6 billion a year in state revenue through a four-year, quarter-cent sales tax increase and a seven-year tax increase on the income of those who make more than $250,000 a year, passed with 54 percent of the votes.

Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin is excited about the opportunities for City College moving forward.

“I have been walking around with such better posture because I don’t have the weight of further budget cuts on my shoulders, or the institutions shoulders,” said Gaskin. “It affirms the states belief in what we do, our purpose, our mission, our scope. What it means to [City College] is phenomenal.”

Now the Prop 30 is in effect, City College no longer has to absorb mid-year cuts estimated at $4.6 million, resulting in no further course offerings being reduced. City College will also receive around $600,000 in additional revenue.

“I will be turning to [College Planning Council] for what our priorities are for that additional revenue,” Gaskin said.

The college had set up two alternate budgets whether Prop 30 had passed or not, something that Board of Trustee member Lisa Macker said helped to keep everyone calm in the days leading up to the election.

“Knowing that even if Prop 30 hadn’t passed, Academic Senate, [College Planning Council], business services and our President [Gaskin] and Interim-President Jack Friedlander had done all the work,” said Macker. “I applaud you all.”

-Rachel Zemanek contributed to this story.