Faculty openings to be replaced


Morten Opedal

Erick Pirayesh, News Editor

Seven departments at City College will be receiving a new full-time faculty position.

On Wednesday Oct. 31, the Academic Senate took 12 educational departments with openings and ranked them in order of importance, with the top seven departments receiving a new full-time position. Biological sciences, radiographic technologies, nursing, chemistry, physics, biomedical sciences, and the computer information systems department were ranked as the top seven and will receive the new positions.

“We would much rather fill every single one of these positions,” said Marilynn Spaventa, dean of educational programs. “These are really really difficult times.”

The departments that did not make the top 12 are: school of modern languages, psychology, computer application and office management, English skills and English composition. Departments that did not make the top seven will be eligible for the vote again next year.

After the first vote psychology was set to receive the 7th and final spot, but after a long discussion and two re-ballots the computer information systems department, which was the original first runner up, was instead voted in.

 Graphic by: Morten Opedal

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