Board updates Prop 30 plan


Erick Pirayesh, Associate Editor

The Board of Trustees Fiscal Committee met on Monday, Oct. 8 to discuss an update on “what if” scenarios regarding the pass or fail of Proposition 30.

The update included a Board of Trustees approved increase of $810,000 in health and welfare allowance for faculty insurance. The approved 2012-2013 budget expenditures now stand at $81,451,098, whether or not the proposition passes or fails.

“It’s wonderful that were able to do this,” said Joe Sullivan, vice president of business services, in regards to the increase in allowance

Faculty health and welfare covers a variety of medical, dental, and basic life insurance plans for full-time employees. With so much of the college’s future budget dependent on the pass or fail of Proposition 30, Sullivan is encouraged by the decision.

“The boards agreed to say, ‘regardless of whether or not [Proposition 30] passes, this is something we need to do for our faculty and staff,’” he said.

Along with Sullivan and Superintendent-President Lori Gaskin, the members of the board fiscal committee took the time on Monday to discuss different issues regarding the pass or fail of Prop 30.

“Of the two problems, we’d like to have the one if legislation passes,” said Sullivan. “$4 million is what it comes down too.”

Even if the proposition passes the college wouldn’t receive the additional cash until July 17 of next year.

“We’re holding our breath at this point,” said trustee member Marsha Croninger.

The outcome of Proposition 30 will be decided on the Nov. 6 ballot.