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John Dunn Gourmet Dining Room remodeled

During winter break, the John Dunn Gourmet Dining Room got a facelift thanks to private donations.

The dining room has served guests for more than 30 years, but now the mint-green chairs and old photos on the walls are replaced with white leather chairs and a large plasma screen graces one of the walls.

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“I like it a lot more now because it’s contemporary,” said Randy Bublitz, associate professor and head chef of the school of culinary arts program at City College.

“It matches the modern time we’re in now,” said culinary arts student Daniell Mendez.

Thanks to the private donators, the completion of the dining room was able to happen.

“I believe the budget was around $95,000, and I’m thankful for the donations,” said Bublitz.

Students at the culinary arts program at City College share Bublitz’s positive reaction to the new dining room. To them it’s a huge change in the work environment that reflects a positive spirit among the students.

“It feels more like a real fine dining restaurant now,” said culinary arts student Marcos Houston. “It breathes new life now, and everyone is happier.”

Customers of the dining room also added positive comments on the interior design.

“It’s very elegant and gives a more comfortable feeling,” said dining guest Sharon Metch.

Bublitz said that he is very satisfied with the new look, but he feels one of the more significant changes is the lightning and customers agree.

“The lamps in the ceiling contribute to an elegant ambience,” said Andy Calderwood, a guest who usually comes to the restaurant twice a year.

Bublitz said that there is more room in the dining room now and is not as stuffy as before. He also feels that the students are satisfied with the changes made.

“I think the students feel more comfortable now being in the dining room,” said Bublitz. “They see something that definitely relates to something they might end up in when they leave here in terms of fine dining.”

Both Houston and Mendez feel that the new interior matches better with the environment in Santa Barbara.

“This new design goes perfect with the view of the ocean,” said Mendez.

“Even the clientele seem to have increased after the remodeling.”

“It’s busier here than before since the dining room was changed,” said Houston.

Bublitz hopes this ongoing positive effect of the modernization will continue, and that the dining room will keep on pleasing their guests.

“So far I have got 100 percent positive reactions from our customers, and I hope it will continue,” said Bublitz.

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