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Eccentric online dating websites offer unique options for users

Ryan Cullom
Photo Illustration 

Reviewed by Tanner Walker                         Stars 3,5 is a dating website for people with, you guessed it, major food allergies.

Signing up for this site is free and easy. Users create a personal profile by entering in data about themselves like age, height and of course their allergy information.

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Although creating a profile is simple and intuitive, finding a match on the site takes more work than it should. Other people’s profiles are displayed completely at random which leaves any sorting based on gender, age or location up to the user.

Furthermore, including a picture with your profile is optional and only a small percentage of users have one, making the selection process even more difficult.

Another issue I encountered when searching for singles is the site’s lack of a mobile-friendly view. The current layout is very difficult to use on a phone, which may deter some users. Finally, I found it unnecessary that users need to email the sites administration to become an active member before they can message other singles.

Overall, has a few technical flaws that make using the site more difficult than expected. However, it uses a unique concept to bring people together and seems like a good place for someone serious about online dating.

Reviewed by Megan Fitzmorris                    Stars 2,5

Calling all Bernie Sanders fans! Are you single and ready to mingle? A new dating website is up and running where you can find a mate who also feels the Bern. was established this year as a spinoff from a Facebook page and currently has over 9,000 members.

Getting started is fairly easy, with the option to upload a picture and enter in your basic info and brief description. Once a personal profile is set up you can start to sort through potential suitors.

After narrowing down my preference to a ten-year age range of single straight males in California, my options dropped to 33 members.

This may be because the website is still fairly new, but this definitely didn’t leave many options in the area. This left me with one male in Ventura to be exact.

There were a few more scattered throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, and I even received a few messages within a day of signing up. They seemed like fun, open-minded, normal guys, but not enough so to make a drive to meet up.

Although I was a bit disappointed with the lack of options in the area, I have a feeling that the site will continue to grow, and more like-minded singles will have a place to connect.

Reviewed by Christian Walker                Stars 3 is a dating website that claims to not only help you find your soul mate, but also help you find a perfect partner for your pet as well.

“Date me. Date my pet,” is the website’s main slogan.

As I made a profile for myself, I noticed the great amount of detail in characteristics I was able to share. Hair color, eye color, education level and income were all things I could share about myself.

I could even say if I was a vegetarian.

The only thing my profile lacked was information about my actual pet. For being called “Date My Pet,” the title was a bit misleading.

Although my profile covered photos, my age, city and a short introduction about myself to anyone interested, there was not a single question about my pet.

Instead, there were some unorthodox questions like, “If you won the lottery what would you buy first?” or even, “What would you do on a perfect Sunday?”

I think a more appropriate question for a website of this name would be, “What would you and your pet do on a perfect Sunday?”

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