Candidate profile: Sally Green

Johan Hammerby

After her first term on the Board of Trustees, Sally Green is proud of how the board has handled the tight finances as well as the good influence the faculty has on the students.

Of the work done by the board during the past term, Green said the handling of the budget was of big importance. In 2008, when the economic crises started, the state warned schools that tough time laid ahead, so they should start saving up money. City College did so, and now there is a 20 million dollar surplus, which Green calls “the rainy day account”. She thinks the school has managed to stay afloat, in thanks to the financial planning.

“Without those reserves, things would not be happening,” said Green. “Being that the state has not paid us in the last three months, the school is still operating, lights are on, people are being paid. Nobody has been laid off, nobody’s been furloughed.”

While Green is only running for her second term, she said term limits for trustees is something that possibly should be looked into.

“It takes several years to learn all the aspects of the college,” said Green. “So you wouldn’t want to put somebody in for four years because it takes a couple of years to get how to run this college. Someone without the academic background has to learn all the finances, facilities, all the educational codes, so we’re looking for 8-12 years, serving three terms maybe.”

To be encouraging towards the college’s faculty is also of high priority for Green.

“In order to have successful students you need to have an outstanding faculty and staff,” she said.

Having “a good strong background in education” is very important for board members. Green herself has been into education her entire life.

“I consider myself a professional educator,” she said. “I knew that I wanted to teach in school since I was five years old.”

And so she did. After graduating from UCLA, she began teaching immediately. When her children went to school, she also became involved in different administrative branches, like the Parent Teacher Association and committees in elementary, middle and high school level, as well as being a principal in Carpinteria.

Once her children went to college, Green could once again focus on teaching, but was now more interested in administration and being a board member.

“Moving on to this next level of education, I didn’t know everything, and without institutional memory, maturity and experience I probably wouldn’t transition as quickly as I did,” said Green. “I think my educational background serves me well to sit on this board.

“Having met with faculty, students and administration for as long as I have puts me on good steps to be a part of this college – which I’m very proud of being a part of.”

Green has gained endorsements from Kandy Luria-Bundgor, Lad Handleman, Tom Watson, Don and Eleanor Ziell among others.