Candidate profile: Peter Haslund

Cody Bashore

After 40 years of teaching at City College, just over a year into his retirement, Dr. Peter Haslund is running for a position on the school’s Board of Trustees.

Along with teaching political science, Haslund was the President of the Academic Senate and a member of the College Planning Council.

“I think I’m suited for a position in part because this board has never had anyone who has served long term as a faculty member,” said Haslund.

His credentials off campus include serving as President of Santa Barbara’s American Scandinavian Foundation and the Western Collegiate UN Program. He also holds the chair position on the Santa Barbara Coalition for Global Dialog.

But Haslund lists his experience in shared governance as a top priority to bring to the board, as well as his willingness to embrace public input.

“In general we have to have more openness with the general public,” said Haslund.

“Part of the problem with the current board is they don’t spend enough time to understand its cumbersome to be with a bunch of people you don’t know, who are yelling and screaming at you,” said Haslund. “You have to get used to that.”

Haslund said he would want any substantive votes from the board to be made public.

Haslund also took issue with the current board’s handling of cutbacks to City College’s Parent Child workshops.

“I have this feeling about that particular program,” said Haslund. “It is so worthwhile, so valuable to this community and has been for such a long time.”

Haslund continued to say if elected, he felt the board could find the money to reinstate cuts to the Parent Child Workshops, possibly from reserve funds, which Haslund said he is in favor of keeping above the state’s recommendations.

However, Haslund did not believe he was in position to question the board’s allocation of the Measure V money, or the board’s decision to hire Superintendent-President Dr. Andreea Serban. Haslund did say he would have been open to hiring an interim president for “a year, maybe even two years.”

When it comes to students at City College, Haslund enjoys that the school makes no judgment on socioeconomic background, and all that students need to do is “turn onto Cliff Drive.”

Haslund also cited his belief that the college “has the best faculty anywhere.” Haslund’s support of the college’s students also spreads to those who come from around the world, and bring their home country’s values with them.

“That’s the beginning of a cultural understanding that I think happens when international students come among us,” said Haslund.

Haslund has gained endorsements from Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley, Mayor of Santa Barbara Helene Schneider, former City College President John Romo, the Santa Barbara City College Instructors’ Association and Citizens 4 SBCC, among many others.