SBCC students explore bronze casting in sculpting class


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SBCC students explore bronze casting in sculpting class


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Santa Barbara City College offers three levels of bronze casting classes that give students the opportunity to experiment with bronze and explore sculpting.

The lost wax casting process has been used for around 5,700 years and bronze, which resists corrosion better than most metals, was often chosen for sculptures.

Katherine Gring’s art was recently on display in the Humanities building. She’s in the advanced bronze casting class and will sometimes work on sculpting long into the afternoon after starting around 8 in the morning.

After this semester, Ed Inks will retire and leave the studio he helped build over his 25 years at City College to the next director of the ceramics department to be decided next month by the superintendent. Katherine Gring continues to enjoy sculpting. After years of painting it provides her with a new way to enjoy art.

Click here for a video transcript.

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