SBCC Theater Group opens season with strong start with ‘Blithe Spirit’


Ben Crop

Oren Skoog and Leesa Beck in The Theatre Group at SBCC’s production of BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward, directed by R. Michael Gros.

Bianca Ascencio, Staff Writer

The Theater Group at SBCC takes audiences to London with their production of “Blithe Spirit,” which opened on Friday night in the Garvin Theatre. 

The show follows twice married novelist Charles Condomine, who is being haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife.

He gets into this unfortunate event after he invited Madame Arcati, a medium with extravagant hats and a crave of sandwiches, for research purposes, with the hope of getting a spark of inspiration and intel for his new novel. 

His original plan fails but it is during a séance put on by Madame Arcati, he comes into contact with the ghost of his temperamental ex-wife, Elvira. 

Only he can see and hear Elvira as she constructs and disrupts different ways to disturb his new marriage and irritate his wife, Ruth.

The two-act play had the crowd laughing and gasping from beginning to end. The fast-paced play had audiences thinking about the dialogue but kept everyone entertained. In the month of ghosts, goblins, and spirits, the show is not only relevant but a fun way for audiences to get in the Halloween spirit. 

The play has seen the Broadway stage numerous times and is classic that, when executed well, still holds up. 

“Blithe Spirit” is now playing in the Garvin Theatre, and runs until Oct. 26.