Game of Thrones recap and review before series finale


Courtesy of HBO

Sarah Maninger, Arts and Entertainment Editor

*Warning: spoilers ahead for numerous storylines in Game of Thrones*


Game of Thrones has shattered the stereotype of what a television show should be since its premiere on HBO in April of 2011. The network has let “Thrones” depict sex, murder, war, and toxic familial dynamics.

And dragons, lest we never forget the dragons.

Based off of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy book series titled “A Song of Ice and Fire,” “Game of Thrones” has become arguably the most popular show on the planet.

The series, created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, has four of the top ten highest rated episodes on IMDb, including season six’s “The Battle of the Bastards,” which featured a battle sequence that took 25 days to shoot.

“Thrones” is a monstrosity. It is a show that uses CGI dragons and walls of ice but does not overshadow the acting of its stars.

For eight years, the show has sat on the Iron Throne of TV ratings. It has won every battle and every war but, like winter, the end is here.

Sunday’s season eight premiere is the show’s last and will be followed by five final episodes.

This is a popular series, that’s no secret.

Some love it and have spent the last 18 months thinking about the theories that spiral around in their minds. Some are indifferent and don’t care who sits on the throne or wins the Great War, and some people actively stay away from the show due to its graphic violence and strong sexual content.

Regardless of how you feel about it, “Thrones” is a force of nature. It paved the way for shows like “Westworld,” and “Outlander,” another drama based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon.  This series took your regular primetime drama and stripped it down to its most basic parts: love, hate and conflict. It then rebuilt it with a budget of nearly ten million dollars an episode.

Sunday’s season premiere is slated to answer many of the questions we were left with when season seven ended. When we last saw our heroes and villains, the perpetually underrated Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark revealed to viewers that Jon Snow, the Bastard of Winterfell is, in fact, not a bastard at all, and is the heir to the coveted Iron Throne.

That and the fact that Daenerys Targaryen, the woman Jon is in love with is, actually, his aunt – a shocking turn of events that the writers just love to throw in our faces.

When we left them, many moons ago, the duo was on their way to Winterfell to fight the Night King and his Army of the Dead, which is set to play out in the upcoming season’s third episode.

Ask any GoT fan and they will gladly tell you their grand theories in detail. Will Jaime Lannister be the one to kill Cersei? Will “The Hound” Sandor Clegane fight his brother? Or, my personal favorite, how is Bran Stark involved in all of this?

Season eight will, hopefully, answer all of the questions that fans have. It could see someone new sit on the Iron Throne, or see it be destroyed entirely.

So, as this grand fantasy adventure approaches its end we are forced to look back on the stories it told and the characters it killed off, and how those storylines play into the final season.

Is Jon Snow the Prince that was Promised?

Is Arya just the right amount of wild to help the Starks win the Great War?

Is Daenerys Targaryen pregnant?

It’s time we stop asking questions and just listen to the answers when – or if – we get them.

Winter is here.

Are you ready?