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Ensembles assemble for spring’s first Chamber Winds concert

Dr. Linda Holland plays the flute in rehearsal of an upcoming Chamber Music performance on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 in the Drama and Music Building at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. Dr. Holland is the director of the chamber music group.

From a beatboxing flautist to a chamber wind rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire, City College’s Chamber Winds Concert offers a unique musical experience sure to entertain.

The concert takes place every semester and features seven of City College’s wind instrument ensembles. Each ensemble will be playing a set of two to three songs, with each set lasting 10-15 minutes.

“It’s a really neat event that showcases wind instrument players,” Eric Heidner, event coordinator and veteran trumpeter, said.

Heidner plays trumpet for the West City Brass Quintet, one of the evening’s two trumpet ensembles.

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Other ensembles include a trombone octet, a flute sextet, a horn quartet, a clarinet quartet, and a full trombone choir.

Heidner describes the event as a “talent show in the best sense of the phrase,” with small chamber sized groups being given a chance to play to their strengths through all sorts of musical genres, not just classical.

Concertgoers can expect “anything from Bach to funk.” Heidner promises there will be something for everyone.

The concert will take place in City College’s Fé Bland forum on West Campus, which seats around 150 people.

“It’s the perfect size for this kind of music,” remarked composer and flautist Linda Holland. Holland is the director of the flute sextet that will be performing.

Chamber music is a very intimate style of performance known as the “music of friends.” Ensembles generally range from three to ten musicians. The smaller venue will allow listeners to have personal experiences with the detail-oriented music.

Holland has been involved with City College’s chamber music program for 15 years, and is enthusiastic about how rehearsals have been sounding. She credits this to the experience and sense of community between the musicians.

“They know what’s going on,” Holland said.

This semester, many veteran performers are joining the class.

“We’ve got musicians ranging from 2-30 years of experiences,” said Holland. “Everybody’s welcome, nobody gets turned away.”

The event will have free admission, keeping with the theme of accessibility for all. A free chamber music concert is a rarity, and Heidner hopes it will help bring exposure to the talent the department has to offer.  

Heidner promises an element of surprise if free admission isn’t enough incentive. Each semester brings a fresh set of songs.  

“Every semester it’s a great success,” promises Heidner. “It’s really entertaining to see what they come up with.”  

The concert offers music that can’t be heard anywhere else. An eclectic evening is guaranteed.

The SBCC Chamber Winds concert will take place 7 p.m. Sunday, March 10 at the Fe Bland Forum.

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