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Does “Top G” deserve to be on top after expressing misogyny?

The Channels Opinion Pages | STAFF COLUMN
Sunny Silverstein
Andrew Tate photo courtesy of Creative Commons by Anything Goes With James English. Andrew Tate has been banned on multiple social media apps including TikTok and Instagram.

If your response to someone being a bad person is “well what about all the good things they’ve done?,” you’re not being very practical. R. Kelly produced amazing music but the crimes he committed against women cannot be overlooked. Louis C.K. had some great comedy skits but he still deserves to lose support for his disgusting acts. 

Andrew Tate has become a hot topic recently. He can be recognized as a British-American influencer, businessman, and former professional kickboxer.

When I ask boys about his misogynistic videos and their continued support of him they say, “well what about all the good things he says?” My answer to that is pretty simple. 

The positive advice that Tate gives isn’t revolutionary. Working hard and putting 100% effort into everything you do isn’t new advice. Tate didn’t stumble upon an epiphany that’s hard to reach. There are many content creators out there that preach the same thing while still respecting women. 

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So why aren’t men choosing to tune the toxicity out? I’m not sure.

I hope that through this article I can shine light on why most women fear the possible influence he could have on males.

His misogynistic comments range from topics of rape, to the rules his girlfriends follow, to his webcam business.

In a podcast interview that Tate did with the channel “Fresh & Fit” he explained how he built his empire starting with a webcam business. He realized there was money in the industry and decided to text the five girlfriends that he had at the time, who knew nothing of each other’s existence. 

Tate explains that because some of these women loved him, they were willing to “stay loyal” and work for the site. Tate used this “love” as a vehicle for his business. The site took off and he continued employing more women.

“I don’t give a s— about having sex with beautiful women, I f— them so they listen to me, to get what I actually want, which is not them. It’s a means to an end. Every single girl was exploited, that’s exactly what I do,” Tate said. 

In the Vice documentary, “The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate” some of the women he employs can be seen wearing dresses while wiping down countertops and delivering coffee to male employees inside of Tate’s residence. In the documentary, Tate says these women have never complained about him personally, yet refused to let the press speak with any of them. 

Not only does he exploit and proudly objectify women, he also uses misogynistic language and promotes rape culture. 

Some of the harmful phrases he’s used include referring to a woman who accused him of assault as a “dumb hoe.”

 In an interview with Vice was asked a question about his past remarks on the topic of rape.

“The best way to prevent yourself from being raped is to have personal responsibility and not put yourself in a position to be raped,” Tate said in response.

Tate has multiple allegations against him for rape, sex trafficking, and abuse.

“Shut up, I decide what I do. Cook.” Tate said in the documentary as he explained the benefits of keeping a sword in the house and the sense of power it can bring.

 In an interview on the YouTube channel Stand Out TV, Tate explained that if his girlfriend had an Only Fans account he would take 80% of the profit. 

“You’re my woman, you’re my product,” Tate said as he tried to explain his reasoning. 

His misogynistic messages and straight up disrespect for women shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Men choosing to neglect this side of Tate is what instills fear in so many of us. The fact that the boys and men in our own lives could look up to someone who looks down on women so severely, is frightening.

“No matter how hard you aim to focus on his business takes or make a joke of him — you inherently empower dangerous people by trying to erase why they’re dangerous,” an author stated in an article from Medium.


Correction: March 28, 2023

In an earlier version of the story of the crimes committed by Louis CK were referred to as pedo file. This has since been removed. The Channels regrets this error. 


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