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We are pushing back towards sexism in the world of journalism

Elizabeth Saubestre, Lauren Michelle McGee, and Jun Starkey

April 12, 2019

Your attempts to flatter me are futile Around the time that I turned 12, I noticed that men were looking at me differently. I was no longer just a girl in their eyes, no longer a kid on her way to school. I was thrust into being a woman in a...

SBCC women’s soccer team triumphs in last game of season


November 13, 2016

City College’s women’s soccer team celebrated its final game of the regular season Friday night with a 2-1 victory against first-place Moorpark College. Following a 3-2 loss against Ventura College last Friday, the Vaquer...

Struggling to ignore society’s unreal expectations for women


October 9, 2015

I pass a mirror and automatically conduct a quick judgment of my appearance. The question, “What do others see and think of me?” frequents my subconscious and has affected the way I view myself more than I would like to...

SBCC Feminist club discusses ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

BENTE VAN ANDEL, Channels Staff

February 23, 2015

City College’s Feminist Club met to discuss “50 Shades of Grey”, stereotypes, domestic violence and rape during its third gathering of the semester Monday, Feb. 23. The club came together in the Sports Pavilion to disc...

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