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Vaqueros softball deadlocked match against Chaffey College

The Vaqueros end their team huddle, moving to the dugout to get ready to bat at the bottom of the inning of the first game of the doubleheader. Melanie Barth, number 15, is staring out into the crowd that came for the game on Saturday, March 4 in Santa Barbara, Calif.

City College’s softball team played Chaffey College in a non-conference doubleheader game on Saturday March 4 at noon and 2 p.m. at Pershing Park. The Vaqueros ended the day 1-1, winning the first game 5-3 and losing the second 8-4.    

As the national anthem projected from the speakers and the crowd cheered, City College stepped on the field ready for the first inning. The Vaqueros starting pitcher, Joslyn Soinila let up one run during the top of the first, giving Chaffey a small early lead. In the bottom of the first, City College had no luck getting any runs, leaving the score 0-1 entering the second inning. As the top of the third inning rolled around Chaffey scored another run shifting the score 0-2. By the bottom of the third inning City College remained runless.

“We came in knowing that they were a good team and that they were going to play good softball, but we are also doing very well also, so I was very confident in the play,”  Head Coach Jasmyne Perry said. 

The fourth inning changed the outlook of the game for the Vaqueros. City College gained five runs, putting them in the lead and boosting the score 5-2. Freshman Mackenzie Ensign had a double RBI bringing Hailey Abdilla and Sarah Hammonds back to home base. During the same play, freshman Jessica Reveles scored on a throwing error made by Chaffey. Julianna Ortiz brought another run home for the City College team during the bottom fourth inning. Changing the score to 5-2, leaving city college in the lead. 

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“We are a team that feeds off of energy, so we just need to be engaged in the game every pitch, every out, be more loud, and take advantage of every mistake that we can,” Perry said. 

As the game went on, cheers from both teams grew louder and more consistent. Chaffey took advantage of the top of the fifth inning and brought back one run for their team. The score stayed consistent at 5-3 throughout the sixth and seventh inning, ending the game with a Vaquero win.

When the clock hit 2 p.m. the players were back on the field to face seven more innings. City College sophomore Lauren Indermuehle came in as pitcher, giving up two runs in the top of the first inning. 

In the bottom of the first, City College had no runs, leaving the score 0-2. The second inning followed the trend of the first, Chaffey earning two runs, and City College with zero. 

As time went by, Vaqueros’ score remained unchanged while Chaffey’s score went up. After the third ending came to an end, the score flipped to 0-6. The girls’ voices grow louder, chanting to keep the team motivated. 

During the bottom of the fourth inning, City College players Elliana Ryan and Emma Hatcher dove to the home plate, claiming the first two runs for City College this game, changing the score to 2-6. During the fifth inning neither team scored.

During the sixth inning, both teams were applying the pressure. Chaffey and City College both gained two runs this inning bumping up the score 8-4. The bases were loaded during the bottom of the sixth inning, allowing the opportunity to make not one, but two runs for City College. The score changed to 4-8.

Once the last inning took place, the score remained the same, Chaffey claimed victory. 

“The second game could have gone better, but it is what it is,” Elliana Ryan said. 

With a long season ahead of them, City College is ready to get back to practice and continue improving their game-play. 

“We will be back at it next week,” Joslyn Soinila said. 

The Vaqueros next home game will be at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 9 against Allan Hancock College. 


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