SBCC Student Senate shows support for S.N.A.P program


OTHMAN MECHKOR , Channels Staff

The Student Senate voted unanimously to send a letter to City Council showing their support for the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program.

President Isaac Eaves wrote the letter to Mayor Helene Schneider and other City Council members.

The new noise ordinance, which will give steep fines to those who violate it, will be implemented this May.  It is crucial to the senate to have program implemented prior to that date.

“I am strongly urging that the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program be introduced as soon as possible,” wrote Eaves. “While the ordinance is clearly necessary, I feel that without S.N.A.P. it will have highly adverse affects on the students.”

Isaac Eaves, President of the Associated Student Government
Madeleine Fransson
Isaac Eaves, President of the Associated Student Government

The senate discussed issues they saw with the ordinance earlier this year, but they believe that with the program it would be successful.

“The senate as a whole was in strong support of this combination of S.N.A.P. and the noise ordinance,” Eaves wrote.

Eaves emphasized that the program would have advantages for both students and the community, besides only enforcing the noise ordinance.

“The introduction of S.N.A.P. will provide jobs for students, stronger opportunities for students to connect with their neighbors, and generally a more efficient and effective system,” Eaves wrote.

Alexandra Thierjung, administrative assistant for the vice president of business services, delivered a presentation to the Senate in regards to the neighborhood task force. She informed the senate about the implementation team, and reminded them that she needs the senate and student body’s full support in making this a smooth process.

The senate will sit on various committees such as the Neighborhood Task Force and the S.N.A.P. Implementation Team in order to represent the student body.

The Implementation Team is a sub-committee of the Neighborhood Task Force, and will inform students about the new noise ordinance, while also working to strengthen the relationship with the community.

“We just want to heal wounds with the residents,” Thierjung said. “But also stick up for our student body because we’re very proud of our student body.”