Financial aid changes come to reshaped student senate


MAC WALBY, Channels Staff

It was a busy day for the now sparse Student Senate’s final meeting of the year.

After recently losing more than half of their members to conduct violations, most senators declined to comment on the situation at the time. New president Colette Brown said what happened “didn’t matter anymore,” and that she was excited to start working with her remaining senators.

Director of Financial Aid Brad Hardison presented the college’s plan and warned of upcoming changes to financial aid. With the expansion of the additional summer semester City College is looking for ways to decrease some of the workload on staff while making processes for students more efficient, and financial aid appeals have been a headache for students and staff alike.

According to Hardison the process takes up three to four employees in the aid office just to handle all of the appeals.

Many students have to file these appeals continually each semester for class credit caps and other academic changes.

Hardison said right now there is currently “very little time” to get everything done.

Student Trustee Nick Steil prepares early for the impending appeal.

“I already have my appeal for next semester filled out,” said Steil.

The change would allow students to submit an appeal only once which would be good for an entire year.

While this would decrease the work load for both students and faculty, it does come with a caveat. The administration would no longer be able to notify students directly when their aid status is in doubt. Most would find out when they didn’t receive a check, something most students in that position can’t afford.

Hardison also warned the senate of an upcoming change to the Board of Governors waiver fee after SB1456 was passed. The waiver covers the cost of tuition for eligible students. Students who do not meet the academic requirements could lose out on their Board of Governors waiver, having to pay for their classes out of pocket.

In addition to the presentation, the two vacant vice president positions were filled by the senate as well.

Grace Katzensen was confirmed by the remaining senators to take over as Vice President of External Affairs. Alessandro Baldan was also confirmed as Vice President of Finances.

The first meeting for the Spring 2015 semester has not been officially scheduled but will most likely take place during the first week of the semester.