$1 fee increase for health services proposed for next year



Three members of the Student Health Services approached the Associated Student Senate Friday to discuss raising the health services fee by $1 for the 2014-15 school year.

The student senate failed to reach quorum because of the UCLA campus field trip and was unable to conduct official business but left the floor open for discussion on important matters.

Director of Health Services, Laura Fariss, spoke about the increase and why it’s necessary.
“Medical costs are always rising,” Fariss said. “This is why we need to increase the fee.”

Fariss ensured the senate that the money is not wasted and that this year they have increased physician hours to guarantee that students can be prescribed medicine during all office hours.

She also helped to get the Student Health Services to offer suturing here on campus if needed at no extra charge. She mentioned that some trips to the ER could cost up to $500 a stitch.

Student Program Advisor for Project HOPE, Ben Murphy, and Personal Counselor Alyson Bostwick both helped encourage the senate that the money would also go towards making sure counselors have more open hours and will be easier to access.

The trio from the Student Health Services has been invited to return to the senate to discuss this further.

The fee increase will be voted on during the last student senate meeting on Friday, May 16.