Woman walks in on lewd conduct in La Playa bathroom



March 20- 1 p.m.

A female student was sent to the Dean of Discipline for disrupting a class. The student was consistently interrupting the professor and was taking up a lot of class time. The instructor contacted security and they made contact with the student.

March 23

A BMX bike, valued at $400, was stolen from outside Physical Education room 113. The owner of the bike found that the cable lock had been cut. Security was contacted and the student was advised to make a police report.

April 2– 9:30 p.m.

A custodian in the Drama Music Building found graffiti made by a student. The custodian had already cleaned the bathroom when the student was in the restroom. When the student left a few minutes later, there was graffiti on the stall wall. The custodian contacted security and they were able to locate the student. The student denied doing the graffiti but after questioning, admitted to have done it. The student has been referred to the Dean of Discipline.

 April 8– 3:45 p.m.

A woman walked into the restroom at La Playa Stadium and saw a man masturbating in front of a mirror. The woman described the man as African American male of average height, 25 to 30 years old. The man was not wearing a shirt. The woman immediately left when she saw the man and she contacted security. The man was gone by the time security arrived. Security contacted The Santa Barbara Police Department.

If anyone has information regarding the man or this incident, security asks to please inform them immediately. The number to the security office is 805-730-4200.

April 8- 6 p.m.

A man in a small, dark colored SUV drove past two female City College students and yelled racial comments. The women were walking down Loma Alta Drive towards San Andreas when the SUV drove past. The man was white, had blonde spiked hair, and dark sunglasses. The man leaned out of the front passenger seat window and showed the middle finger. The students saw a woman in the back passenger seat as well. The students may make a police report.

Security asks students to exercise caution when accessing Campus through remote areas, especially during evenings. If you feel unsafe going through Campus, call Campus Security for an escort at 805-730-4200.