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Bookstore losing funds, looking for money elsewhere


If an act is passed by the US Senate, college textbooks could reduce in costs by 80 to 100 percent by moving online.

This is great for students, but the Affordable College Textbook Act could spell disaster for the campus bookstore.

The bookstore is losing funds but is looking for alternative outlets to serve students.

“Our commitment to you, as the bookstore, is to keep the price-point as low as we can, offering alternatives to purchase or rent books, said Bookstore Director Paul Miller.

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By Jan. 2, the bookstore will provide an improved rental system, which will drop sales but allow students to acquire the course materials needed at a lower price. Students will be renting and returning the course materials each semester.

“This system can be a great resource for students,” said Senator Ama Peiris.

As a result of the text industry going online, the bookstore needs to make more money with retail and general merchandise.

The store is a self-revenue generating entity with more than 80 percent of its income going to the student life department and to other college activities like commencements, book scholarships, tutoring and athletics.

“We are going to have any kind of product with the SBCC logo,” said Miller, mentioning the future deals with business companies in town. “The more money we generate, the more money we can give to our campus.”

The bookstore is already selling bicycles to also provide students with an alternative way to get on campus without using a car.

Miller is also planning to reorganize the lower floor of the bookstore to create a hub for students where they can fax, copy, scan and ship items. These services will connect the students and departments more efficiently.

Senate President Elie Katzenson pointed out that the upcoming post system will allow students to save time and avoid driving or taking buses to get certain items.

These future plans will require more employees, thus generating more working opportunities for students, Miller said.

“I think today the senate realized what an important priority the bookstore is for students to support,” Peiris said.

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