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East Campus entryway remodel to limit access to students

In an effort to promote traffic control and safety City College is redesigning the East Campus entryway.

Construction is set to start December 16 because City College students will be off campus for the holiday break. Students will not be allowed to drive on East Campus unless conducting academic business.

The main contractor for the project is Lash Construction and an estimated cost of $229,081.

The construction is focused on eliminating traffic and back up along the narrow road leading down the side of East Campus, from the Administrative Building to the portable classrooms.

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The small turn-around that is located by the entryway is getting enhanced, creating a bigger passenger loading and drop-off zone.

The kiosk will become a vital part to the redesigns success. With the new turnaround in place, the kiosk will regulate which cars can enter onto the campus.

A control arm will be installed on the south side of the security kiosk. It will enable security staff to redirect drivers to the new turnaround and avoid impacting the vehicular circulation in Parking Lot 1B.

The only cars allowed to pass the kiosk and proceed to drive onto the facility during campus hours will be faculty for parking or permitted students who have granted access.

“To enter the campus students must be conducting business,” said Julie Hendricks, senior director of facilities.

The construction will remove and enhance all existing concrete pavement, such as the road’s concrete curbs, curb ramps and gutters.

Along with improving the existing walkways and crosswalks the construction will provide a landscaped island with planting and irrigation within the center of the enlarged turnaround.

The goal is to create a multilane drop-off area.

“For speed reasons, we aren’t officially calling it a roundabout,” said Hendricks.

Cars will have the ability to make short-term stops along the outer-lane while dropping off or picking up students.

The inner-lane will be for cars exiting the turnaround or proceeding forth to Parking Lot 1A, located in front of the Student Services Building.

“There is always so much traffic trying to cross the street by the biology building,” said Heather Paul, City College student. “Not having a ton of cars up and down that road will make it a lot safer.”

While the entryway is being reconstructed, they will also tear out and replace the fire road that runs along the student services plaza.

City College hired Penfield and Smith for draft designs of the projects.

“We pay the contractor monthly, based on progress,” said Hendricks.

Construction is planned to be finalized by the time students return for the start of the Spring 2014 semester.

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