Second SBCC student reports sexual assault in one week


Scott Buffon, News Editor

Two City College students reported being sexually assaulted off-campus this week.

The assaults took place in two separate places around Santa Barbara. The first incident occurred Thursday, Sept. 19, on the Mesa. The second occurred on Tuesday, Sept. 24 near a bus stop at Alameda Padre Serra.

The police are still looking for suspects in both cases and declined to provide details. There is no evidence linking the two assaults.

The first incident happened on the Mesa when a female student accepted a ride from a stranger in a van. After driving to an undisclosed location, the suspect tried to force the student into the back of the van.

The student was able to escape and contact City College Security, who contacted the police.

The second incident happened below Alameda Padre Serra, a winding street located in the upper hills on Santa Barbara’s east side.

A man approached a student asking about her shoes. After following and verbally antagonizing the victim, she eventually sat down to take off her shoe.

The man bent over and licked her leg.

After running from the man who eventually disappeared, the victim walked to City College and reported the crime the following day.

This is the third alleged sexual assault to have been reported through City College in the last two months.

If you have any information on these crimes, please contact the Santa Barbara Police department.