Board gets first look at response to accrediting commission


Erick Pirayesh, News Editor

The Board of Trustees received their first look at a Special Report directed toward the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges and will vote on the report’s approval in two weeks.

At a special meeting Thursday Feb. 14, the board was presented the 129-page document that will act as the official response to the accrediting commission that placed City College on warning last March. The report, which acts mainly as a self-evaluation, is one of the first steps the college must take after being placed on warning.

“This is a milestone,” said Superintendent-President Lori Gaskin. “We thought we’d approach the report through a targeted and focused self-study.”

Shortly after being hired last May, Gaskin formed The Accreditation Task Force. The committee, which consists of different City College representatives, has met every other week since August to prepare the document.

“I’m so appreciative of everyone on the committee who worked on it,” said trustee Lisa Macker. “I do think it states with honesty what’s going on right now and what went on.”

After being placed on accreditation warning, mainly because the Board of Trustees was found violating rules and regulations, the accrediting commission had three demands for City College administration: address issues that were noted in the warning letter, prepare a special report in response to the warning and entertain a follow-up visit by the commission later this year.

Gaskin said the upcoming visit will be crucial to getting off warning.

“That’s why this report is so important,” she said. “The visiting team will be here to validate it. … If the team is unable to validate the report, then that has consequences.”

To read the full report, click here.