Students to vote on eliminating bus pass


Hannah Smith, Staff Writer

Voting will be held next month to decide whether City College will raise transportations fees or eliminate bus passes all together. The decision would be implemented sometime in 2014.

After reviewing the 2011 fiscal year, the Metropolitan Transit District officials discovered they are losing money because of the increased rate of students riding buses. To cope, they have given City College the option to either raise everyone’s rates or get rid of the bus pass entirely.

The rates for everyone would increase 63 percent, from $26 to around $43. Getting rid of the pass would eliminate fees for non-riders but would cost riders $1.75 each time they ride the bus.

“MTD is saying that the income from our students is insufficient,” said City College Superintendent-President Lori Gaskin while presenting the issue to the Associated Student Senate at this morning’s meeting.

After Gaskin took a trip on bus 15X, which is a direct connection from City College to Isla Vista, she was less than impressed. She noticed the bus was too crowded and arrived after 8 a.m., making many late.

“If we’re going to be paying, we expect good service and to get students there on time,” Gaskin said.

The senate discussed the worsening parking situation as well as going green and saving gas if the passes are to remain. Adversely, they questioned whether it was fair for students who never ride the bus to be paying the transportation fee.

Next month all students will be able to voice their opinions in a vote. According to the senate, they will further discuss ideas to get students involved because this will affect everyone.

“The people who are taking the bus are the ones who can’t afford to be paying that fee every day,” said Student Senate President Geneva Sherman. “We’re going to have to decide whether we want to keep it a price where everyone can pay or put it on the individual.”

Student Senate public relations officer, Rafael Solorzano plans to get the word out by going to classrooms, putting up fliers, talking to clubs and posting on Facebook.