A change of guard at SBCC student senate

Johan Hammerby , Managing Editor and Johan Hammerby , Managing Editor


The first Student Senate meeting of the semester brought both a new and an old President, as well as a performance by the school’s newly founded Glee Club.

Atty Garfinkel, who ended office on maternity leave, was there in support of Ruby Limon, the new associated student president.  

Although she was admittedly “a bit nervous” before her first meeting in the role, Limon said she thought it went well.

“It was good,” Limon said. “They are here for me, and I’m happy Atty came.”

“I wanted to be here for her first of everything,” said Garfinkel.

But Garfinkel found it a challenge to sit there as a mere spectator.

“It was really difficult,” Garfinkel said afterward, “because you want to talk and comment on everything all the time.”

Items that were discussed included a possible charity for a YMCA student housing project downtown, information about the dual enrollment program, and what the Senate is planning to do this semester.

Also, the City College Glee Club introduced themselves, and they did it in song.

Myron Aguilar and Elyse Vasquez wrote and performed a piece in vein of the ‘Glee’ television show about who could join, why they like singing and dancing and when the group meets. 

They’ll also be at today’s Club Day to sing the praises of the new campus group.