Phi Theta Kappa president brings professors to inspirational event

Therese Loberg , Staff writer

Phi Theta Kappa President Hannah Strömgren is hosting an event to address a topic familiar to all college students’ minds: success.

The main goal of the event is to inspire and motivate students to be successful and to work hard for what they believe in. Four faculty members, who all have inspired Strömgren through her education, are raising their voices, talking about life changing messages.

“I want others—students not having the opportunity to take these teachers’ classes—to have an opportunity to receive these messages and learn something new to hold on to and bring with them when they transfer from our college,” Strömgren said.

She and Patience Ncube, another member of Phi Theta Kappa’s leadership, will also share their stories and opinions from a student’s point of view.

One of the speakers at the event will be Professor Bonnie Chavez, chair of the business administration department, who in Strömgren’s first semester taught her the important message not to let anything stop her from achieving success.

The other speakers at the event are Dr. Alice Scharper, dean of educational programs, Professor David Elliott, history teacher involved in the honors program, and Philosophy Professor James Chesher.

“I want to host this event to inspire others to take advantage of the resources that SBCC provided for me,” Strömgren said. “There are so many clubs, organizations, and other opportunities out there, and if students realized that and took advantage of the chances given to them, I think a lot more students would be able to figure out what they want to do with their lives.”

The event will be held at 6-8 p.m. Nov. 19 in the Administration Building —Room 211 and is free to everyone.

Large groups should contact Phi Theta Kappa at [email protected] for seat reservations.