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Startups can be kickstarted with Scheinfeld Center’s many tools

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Navigating through the world of entrepreneurship isn’t a piece of cake. 

There are a lot of important steps in the process of starting a project to ensure both your security and forward progression during the beginning stages of its development. With City College’s Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, you’re able to hit the ground running to enhance your entrepreneurial career. 

Credit Courses

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City College offers a handful of courses for rising entrepreneurs and business majors. 

Beginning with Introduction to Business (BUS 101), you learn the fundamentals of business ethics, management, finance, and basic government customs. Some of the business courses help students with accountability, branding, critical thinking, and time management. 

The entrepreneurship courses range from basic entrepreneurship and innovation, business models, financial management, and entrepreneurship laws, to development and launches. 

These courses provide both lectures and hands-on opportunities to gain understanding and experience. Business and entrepreneurship course information can be found on City College’s website

Join the Passion Project Challenge

Through the Scheinfeld Center, The Passion Project Challenge helps kickstart your mission or business and work with other student entrepreneurs. This program also features a weekly “Passion Power Hour,” where the program members brainstorm and help guide each other through any obstacles or challenges. These weekly meetings also provide either a guest speaker, podcast, or guidance on how to build your platform. 

The Passion Project Challenge also participates in the “Scheinfeld New Venture Challenge,” where local students in Santa Barbara County pitch their passion projects for a chance at $15,000 in awards and professional guidance for successful start-ups. 

To get involved with the Passion Project Challenge, you can join the Scheinfeld Innovators Community LinkedIn, attend the “Passion Power Hour,” or visit their website

Scheinfeld Internships

While working with the Scheinfeld Center, students are able to participate in projects within their own passion, major, or skill sets to gain real-world experience to further their entrepreneurial careers. As a paid Scheinfeld intern, you can support the community within City College’s entrepreneurial program with flexible hours and personal mentorship for three semesters. 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 60% of employers are more likely to consider a candidate for full-time employment after an internship is completed. With each semester continued in the program, a pay advancement is granted. Once the student internship is completed, the intern will leave with hands-on experience as well as a letter of recommendation to help advance their career. 

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the process of kickstarting your business, but City College’s resources can help break it down, and make you more confident and competent in the world of entrepreneurship. 

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