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Students join creative club to network their industry

Nate Stephenson
Adam Verhasselt and Gaia Menni discuss future goals and ideas over coffee during the Creative Club meeting on Friday, March 1, 2019 in front of the Occupational Education building at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. The club meets every Friday at noon.

Pushing each other’s limits, supporting each other, and creating unique and collaborative pieces of art are a few goals of the City College’s Creative Club.

Students meet every week to discuss new ideas, network their industry and build connections to each other and to the workforce.

Club members include photographers, artists, writers, designers, and videographers.

Club President Adam Verhasselt wants his club to “provide an inviting networking environment for the wide range of creative talent that our school has to offer.” Verhasselt is a graphic design and business major at City College, and is passionate about “making things that make other people happy.”

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Meetings begin with warm coffee with almond milk creamer. Next, a series of ideas are presented to the group. Some of these ideas include creating visual art depictions of music, a virtual coffee shop for creators of all kinds, and innovative photoshoots.

Opinions and suggestions are given to improve any future or existing concepts the students might have.

The collaborative atmosphere of the club makes it unique. Creators across campus are given a place to work with like-minded peers to start building a name for themselves in the creative world.

Member and creative writer Erin Lynch praises the collaborative atmosphere of the club. She explains how creators bring their talents together to “bring our work to life.” She also notes that she “loves the diversity of work and overall art that each member can bring to the table.”

Lynch joined the club to strengthen her relationship with her writing. Due to her classes, she felt herself falling out of touch with her creative side, but this club has allowed her to find like-minded individuals.

Club Vice President Gaia Menni believes the club is special because it “combines talents in creative ways and makes them more special.”

Being creative can mean many different things to many different people. Verhasselt defines being creative as, “expressing your imagination in a tangible form that others can understand.”

The club meets at noon every Friday in Occupational Room 16.

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