Incident Report – Stabbing suspect arrested on West Campus

Mason Smith and Mason Smith


At 10 a.m. officers were called to Student Services for a student yelling about financial aid to a staff member across the lobby.

Feb. 11

A staff member called security to the Marine Technology Building’s parking lot at 11 a.m. for an illegally parked car.

Security discovered four plants inside. Police arrived and talked to the car owner who showed his medical marijuana papers. He was told that it’s illegal to bring marijuana onto campus. The owner’s driver’s license was suspended and he said that his girlfriend was coming to drive.

Police left the student and parked around the corner. The student was pulled over as he drove away and his car was towed.

Feb. 17

At 7:30 p.m. campus security was called to the Humanities Building for a student sleeping in class.

The officer woke the female student, whose only response was to slur her name. She appeared to be under the influence.

The student stumbled into the parking lot. Police arrived and took her to a sober house for the night.

Feb. 20

A man was arrested after hiding in the construction of the Drama and Music complex around 2 p.m. after police suspected him of stabbing another man in front of the Shoreline Café across the street.

After stabbing the victim, the suspect was seen running across Shoreline Drive up the ramp to West Campus, avoiding authorities by landing behind temporary construction fences.

Police tracked him down and took him into custody a few minutes later.