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SBCC employee passes away in medical emergency on campus

MEGAN RANDOLPH, Editor-in-Chief

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Early this morning, Dustin Green, a City College food service facility operator, passed away due to a medical emergency.

A staff member found him unresponsive in his office this morning. Santa Barbara Police Department responded to the call along with a crime scene investigator, who determined there was no foul play.

We are deeply saddened by the death of Dustin,” said City College Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, their children, and his SBCC colleagues during this most difficult time.”

Luz Reyes-Martin, interim public information officer for City College, said she was notified of the emergency responders around 7 a.m. Green was then transferred to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where he passed away.

The Board of Trustees adjourned their meeting today in his memory.

“He passed away unexpectedly,” Dr. Gaskin said. “And leaves behind a family as well as grieving colleagues.”

Sergeant Riley Harwood, public information officer at the police department, said the case is now in the hands of the county coroner’s office.

“It looks like it was just a medical emergency,” he said. “People pass away.”

The Channels has reached out to the coroner’s office to determine the cause of death, but has not yet heard back.

“It’s understandably a very traumatic experience for his colleagues,” Reyes-Martin said.

Dr. Gaskin sent an email campus-wide announcing that a group counseling session will be held at 9:15 a.m. tomorrow morning in the Gourmet Dining Room for any employees in need of support.

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3 Responses to “SBCC employee passes away in medical emergency on campus”

  1. Debbie Garven on January 29th, 2016 4:29 pm

    Oh dear! We are deeply saddened by this news and send our deepest condolences to the family and the SBCC staff who he worked with. I’ve known that boy since he was a student at SBCC with my son, Eli many years ago under John Dunn’s tutelage. I met him and his wife, Jeanine before they were married when they were young. He had a wonderful restaurant on Upper State a few years back and was a successful chef who truly loved his craft! He will be missed by so many people in SB. We love you, Dustin!!


    Nina Liu Reply:

    January 28, the early morning at 6:00, which is my first on-campus part-time job at Central Kitchen starts. My co-workers and I were wondering why Chef Dustin didn’t show up at kitchen and gave us directions on how many sandwiches we were supposed to make for that morning as he did during the past eight days.

    After a little while, we determined to start our work as usual. I felt something happened but never imagined what happened just thinking Chef Dustin could be involved in a special event as I told my co-worker Gloria next to me. I was busy with dealing with materials of making sandwiches while I was listening to the lovely classic music and classical music which Chef Dustin set for us as background music, I enjoyed those beautiful music so much since it seemed make the early morning four hours long kitchen job more pleasant and easy. Around 9:30a.m, I told my another co-worker , a young man , That ‘s the soundtrack from the movie, The E.T. He responded, oh, yes, it was ! Soon afterwards, almost all our morning work were done, this young man reminded me why the music was gone and he asked me if it was me switched off the radio.But I even didn’t where the music was from.

    At the moment we were released the news with Chef Dustin , I couldn’t help with my tears, even at my class at 11:10 a.m that noon and that afternoon even for now, I still can’t believe Dustin Green
    , such a nice person I ever met whose affection towards his job and how he taught us was impressive for me, was gone .He should have been teaching us at kitchen every workday mornings at 6:00 a.m this whole semester, now, I can’t listen to him any more. I still recalled how he addressed us to be focus on foods we were making and try our best to make sandwiches Picture Perfect after Mondays rush hours.

    I only worked with Dustin Green eight days, my job started from the first day of this semester, January 19, to some certain extent, he is the first instructor for my third semester at SBCC. I met up with him at 6 a.m while the moon and stars were still in the sky. I have never been working at kitchen when I was in China. I worked as an accountant and a librarian. I appreciated Dustin Green offered me first on-campus job and I didn’t have chances yet to let him know I learnt a lot from him.

    Dustin Green will be alive in my memory of the rest of my life, forever.

    If I could meet his wife and their three children, I would tell them what a good person Dustin Green is and how lucky I once worked with him.

    Chef Dustin, I would miss you .


    Jim LeVasseur Reply:

    I am so sorry to hear about Dustin’s sudden passing. The last time I saw him was in November I think. I have been on disability and went to the campus to hi to all. He was easy to work with. Seem like a cool guy. My condolences go out to his wife, family, friends and work colleagues.
    Jim LeVasseur


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SBCC employee passes away in medical emergency on campus