Angry girl attacks ex-boyfriend

Gabriel Cabello

A culinary student was punched and clawed by his ex-girlfriend in the East Campus Friendship Plaza on Thursday evening, according to the incident report.

The woman first threw the man’s sunglasses on the ground, breaking them. He then threw her cellphone on the ground, breaking it as well. The woman retaliated by physically attacking him.

One witness said she heard a loud “bang” sound before she saw the ex-girlfriend attack the culinary student with her fists and flail her arms around. Another witness said she saw the two sitting at a bench at the plaza before the attack occurred, and saw the ex-girlfriend sitting on the victims lap with her hands around his throat.

The same witness stated the ex-girlfriend dropped her phone prior to the attack, but the culinary student picked it up before she could grab it and wouldn’t give it back. The ex-girlfriend then attacked the victim with her fists, and grabbed and clawed at him, according to the witness.

Security responded to the incident when they received a call from a Cyber Center employee about a cafeteria worker dealing with a difficult student. When security arrived, they spoke with the cafeteria worker who told them a cafeteria employee was being attacked by his ex-girlfriend.

She stated to security that the attacker was hitting the victim with closed fists, but the victim managed to get away from her before the cafeteria was able to separate the two. She then had the victim go get ready for work. As he left, the attacker was yelling and tried to follow him into the cafeteria area but the worker blocked her preventing her from going any further.

The victim had lightly bleeding scratches on his neck. Two officers arrived around 4:55 p.m. to speak with the victim at length.